Born and raised in Monterrey,Mexico. Now based in Toronto, Canada. 
My involvement on projects ranges from graphic design to animation and illustration. 
I mainly focus on work for film, games and broadcast working from my studio in Toronto with different studios and clients around the world. My previous work experience includes the roles of Lead Motion Designer and Graphic Design Director at Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.​​​​​
Technology screen design (UI) · Look development (style frames) · Illustration · 2D animation 
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Selected studios & clients:
Worship · Ranger & Fox · Prodigal Pictures · Perception · Electronic Arts · Ubisoft · Kidrobot · HBO

For the person still reading this; (thank you) a couple of facts about me on a less serious note:

I give my 110% on every project either personal or for a client, but every once in a while I remind myself to relax and remember I'm not saving lives, I'm drawing pictures and setting keyframes for a living... This is not to belittle the work, on the contrary it takes some of the stress away and helps me re-charge, put thoughts in order and go back to giving 110%

Another fun fact... I find portraits of designers taking themselves too seriously and trying to look angry or bad-ass on their about section really funny. I've met some scary motherfuckers in real life and they were always smiling!